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Why Web Guide?

With more than a quarter of a century of experience in developing online and web marketing programs for many of the world's leading organizations, the members of our DeBow's Review editorial board continue to be asked:

How do I get the most from my time online?

Most of the time our advice has been in the form of brief conversations - or a couple of e-mails - which, we're sure were not very satisfying. So, for our many friends who continue to look for ways to enhance their online experience, we offer this informative, but clearly prejudicial guide.

We try to be as comprehensive as possible, but our first rule is that all of the sites we link to must be family friendly.

The Web itself is all about enabling and empowering

America's founders in 1776 talked about freedom of the press, but the rich and the powerful controlled the presses over the next 200-plus years. Letters to the editors were the letters that they wanted to print; talk radio pre-screened their callers.

It was only the web that made "freedom of the press" a reality, and bloggers continue to prove that as they continue to scoop msm (main stream media). Msm, of course, continues to point out the many errors by bloggers, which might have more validity if msm newspapers didn't contain daily "Corrections" boxes. (TV news simply ignore theirs.)

But what is the real change to be wrought in Web 2.0? It is connectivity, the ability to collaborate. Most of the technological components of the so-called Web 2.0 revolution (communication, information sharing, etc.) have been around since the early days of the web. It is only now with the empowerment of the user (seen in such sites as Facebook, and in wikis, blogs and folksonomies) that “content” has become truly user created and collaborative.

Today it is no longer organizations talking to people, or people talking to people, but people talking, and interacting, with each other that is producing the rich mosaic that is today's web experience.

Keep the conversation going...Happy Surfing !



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