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DeBow's Review

DeBow's Review seeks to help newbies and experienced web surfers alike to get the most from their time on-line.

Back in the early 1990's, as the web was emerging, surfing was an exploratory process and finding something interesting - or simply new - was great fun. Today users expect and demand much more.

Users expect to be able to find what they are looking for, and they expect to be informed and entertained as well. For the newbies our Web Guide offers an easy-to-use introduction to the basic tools of the web, including Browsers, Search Engines and Portals, as well as a look at the broad array of sites that encompass the infinite mosaic that is the web itself.

For the web veterans, WebSiteFaves hopefully will provide some insights into the wonders of the web previously unexplored, and Feedback will provide a forum for expressing their opinions.

For newbies and veterans alike the DeBow's Review Free Software section offers quick links to some of the latest and greatest software and tools that are available Free to download. We generally don't list 30-Day Free trials, or stripped-down teaser versions -- you can find those on tons of other sites -- but only really free software and tools. We will, however, tell you where to find the best free trials as we compare them to the free versions.

As previously mentioned, our mission is not to present an un-biased opinion, that's probably an unrealistic goal in any case, but to provide our users with our opinions that are based on almost a quarter century of online marketing experience.

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